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I am me. A young lady born and raised in South Africa with German and Irish ancestors. My life has it's ups and down. I am a sinner, I am a Christian, I am not perfect, but I am striving to be the best I can be.

Other Blogs I Run

Hello Readers,

While this blog you are looking at is my primary blog detailing my thoughts and my recipe's, I do have a few other blogs that you may be interested to take a look at:

From Acorn To Oak - this blog contains all the posts from all the blogs I run.  This is if you want to see everything I write.  The blogs below are for specialized posts.

Ashleigh's Diary - this blog contains information from my day to day life and on going updates of the challenges I present to my readers occassionally on this blog.

In Ashleigh's Kitchen - this blog only contains recipe's (great if you only want to subscribe to recipes).

In Ashleigh's Garden - this blog contains how to grow the plants that I am growing, plus a photo diary of how my garden is doing (great if you only want to subscribe to the garden updates and my chart cards).

In Ashleigh's Quiet Place - this blog contains my thoughts, mostly Christian related with relevant Bible verses. 

In Ashleigh's Craft Basket - this blog contains the details of the crafts I am working on at the moment.

In Ashleigh's Palace - this blog contains the challenges I present to woman to better themselves and live a more elegant lifestyle (without breaking the bank).

In Ashleigh's Study - this blog contains information.  Things I have been researching and have found fascinating.

In Ashleigh's Library - this blog contains reviews on books, movies, Television Shows, games etc.  All sorts of media entertainment.

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